SOCIUS Mittelstandsfonds

Image: Socius Mittelstandsfonds

Small and medium sized enterprises, also known as the “Mittelstand”, are the backbone of the German economy. Its innovative power and its first class products and services are highly attractive to financial investors. At the same time, the past has shown that a typical private equity approach in the German Mittelstand has limited success.  Therefore and out of conviction, Augur SCMT pursues an alternative path with its SOCIUS Mittelstandsfonds. We believe that independence has been and will be key to success for German family businesses. Therefore, we consciously enter a minority position and want to establish ourselves as a sought-after, competent, trustworthy and independent partner in the area of succession, transformation and growth issues, focusing on the long-term development and preservation of the independence of small and medium-sized enterprises.

The SOCIUS Mittelstandsfonds strives for long-term participations in small and medium-sized, non-listed companies with “hidden champion” status and development potential. These companies are traditionally financed by their local house banks which are increasingly restrictive when it comes to larger financing solutions. Augur SCMT aims to fill this gap with its SOCIUS Mittelstandsfonds and to assist companies as a financing partner, especially in the area of digitalization, expansion and succession.