Our values

Image: Our values

When engaging with our stakeholders – investors, portfolio companies, business partners and regulators – we are guided by our strong values. We operate in a trustworthy, professional, sustainable and entrepreneurial way.


At the heart of our business model is our fiduciary responsibility towards investors who often manage pension funds; it always underpins how we think and act, and allows us to take a conservative approach to potential business risks.

The financial decisions we make are consistent with our ethical and moral principles.  We keep our promises, and appreciate  everyone we work with. We behave openly and fairly in a way that people can predict, including when there is a hint of a conflict of interest.

In our team, we are able to rely on one another because only by working together can the most ambitious objectives be achieved.


We only invest in a line of business which, thanks to our many years of experience, we understand inside out. We are professional and our communication is to the point, accurate and respectful, always taking our business partners’ level of information into account.

This also applies when we are discussing a controversial topic between ourselves. We value diversity and different opinions in our team, with each individual contributing his or her own strengths to achieve joint success.


Our business is based on long-term and close relationships with our investors. We maintain contact with them by communicating regularly and straightforwardly.

We also select our business partners with long-term cooperation in mind – something of benefit to both parties.

We design our investments for the long run. Even if today’s ideas only bear fruit tomorrow: we are intent on sustainable growth.

In our team we value a healthy work/life balance which enables us to continue to perform at the highest level.


Our selective investment strategy and approach of actively managing our portfolio companies create considerable added value. This benefits both investors and the management and employees of portfolio companies.

Because we believe in our investment decisions, members of our team put their own money into acquiring a stake in the funds.

In the company, we act like entrepreneurs – with accountability and speed. We examine every opportunity so that only those that really promise success are taken up. Keeping the big picture in mind, we develop scenarios for our business segments. This allows us to also safeguard the future success for our investors.