About us

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Augur Capital was established in 2003 with the aim of sharing the extensive experience and personal relationships as well as the in-depth market expertise of its management team to investors who would like to participate in the success of thriving SMEs. Since 2006, Augur has raised more than EUR 327 million in capital commitments and is currently managing two private equity funds which invest in small- and mid-cap companies from the financial service industry.

The Steinbeis Center of Management (SCMT) has extensive experience in advising small and medium-sized companies and has extensive technology expertise. The consulting focus is on topics related to digital and technology-driven transformation processes. The Steinbeis Transfer Centers are well established in the SME sector and have their origins in the Steinbeis Foundation, which was established in 1971 by the state of Baden-Württemberg. The Steinbeis Transfer Centers now have more than 1,000 Steinbeis Centers. 

For the launch of the SOCIUS Mittelstandsfonds, Augur and SCMT have joined forces in the Augur SCMT Mittelstand Partners and thus have the ideal competencies for investments in German medium-sized companies: network, market know-how & transaction experience.

Augur SCMT actively differentiates itself from typical financial investors by its unique investment approach: in all of our actions we focus on the preservation of our target companies’ independence and the long-term development together with the respective management teams.